by The Voiceless

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This is an EP of stories, of events that take place at certain points in life. We each have stories that make us who we are. The title of this EP alludes to the way that these stories open and close new and old chapters of our lives in both beautiful and tragic ways. This is an EP for you. Never be afraid to tell your story or the stories of others. Hear the voiceless!


released August 13, 2016

The Voiceless is: Stephen Jesse Nettles (Vocals, Guitar)

Produced by Matt Goings at Killian Studios in Daytona Beach, Florida

Drums by Lamar Butler of Jane Eyre

Vocals, Guitar, and Bass by Stephen Jesse Nettles

Additional Vocals, Guitars, Bass, and Programming by Matt Goings of All Gone Grey

All songs written by Stephen Jesse Nettles except for "Bridge" which was written by Stephen Jesse Nettles with asisstance from Richard Simunac of Odessos and Brandon Broughton

Special thanks to Jonathan Nettles, Amy Sullivan, Ryan Patel, and John Ballentine who made up The Voiceless live roster for much of the last 3 years.



all rights reserved


The Voiceless Orlando, Florida

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Track Name: Bridge
Speak to me in code,
And tell me that you love me,
Don't even say the words I can,
See right through this game,
Don't close your eyes,
Let me see into them,
Do you feel it running through you,
'Cause I know I know I'm your's I know I love you

And I, have never quite felt this way,
Sitting here with you now,
And I, just know this is the way,
To tell you right now,

Look me in the eyes,
And tell everything,
Everything you feel inside,
Everything you ever wanted to be,
Look to the skies,
The stars are there before us,
We can take them you and I so why not,
Sing with me this chorus,

Hush now, stay still,
Hold me, as I hold you,
As my arms wrap around you,
I'll never let go,
I'll be there for you,
You don't have to be alone,
Say I love you with this kiss,
This is a moment you just can't miss

And the next thing I know our lips are touching and I,
Feel this rush I've never felt before,
I've never felt this way before,
It flows from me to you and you to me,
Its like we're sharing everything,
I've never felt this way before
Track Name: Adventures
Guess what,
It's a great big world out there,
And you don't have to be scared,
'Cause it's all, your's for the taking,
I know, that your dreams are big and bright,
And God gave you this life, to do, crazy things

So what's next,
This is the life you're given,
And it's your chance to live it, to the fullest,
You've got these dreams for a reason,
So go ahead and chase them,
And never be afraid, never be afraid

'Cause you were made for great things,
Don't you ever give up, don't you ever give up,
Great things,
Don't you ever give up, don't you ever give up,
No matter what, anybody tells you,
No matter what, stand in your way,
No matter what, don't you ever give up,
Don't you ever give up, don't you ever give up, don't you ever give up,

I've always told you, you're more gifted that you'll ever know,
You've always told me, that you know God will use you,
And I believe you, 'cause I see it too,
So keep on running, keep on fighting,
Keep on praying, keep on, being you,
Keep on being you
Track Name: This is not the end of your story
She was only 6 years old when they came and took her away,
To a strange town, a strange place, where she didn't know anyone or anything,
Where she's haunted for hours, in a dark room where she cowers,
'Cause she can't stop the things they do to her,

And He cries, why won't someone save my daughter,
Why won't someone save the one that I love,
She is beautiful, and she deserves so much better than this
(So much better than this)
She deserves to be loved and to know, how to feel alive again

Now she's 14 year old and it seems like things will never change,
She's been trapped here for years now,
Countless tears have been shed out,
Asking if there's anyone who cares,
Is there anyone who cares,
Track Name: Room Full of Gasoline
Ya here we go,
You're beautiful,
There's not a doubt about it,
I'm, lost in your eyes,
With you tonight,
This just feels so right,
I know I love you,
So I better prove it,
You say you love me,
So we better do this right,

We're playing with matches
In a room full of gasoline (4x's)

Time will go on,
The past'll be gone
Will we grow to regret this
We tell ourselves
What the hell,
Do we think we're doing?
It's hard to keep your head on straight,
When you're in the moment,
I'm trying to remind myself,
That life is more than just tonight,
Track Name: Clouds
The girls, at school, are making fun again
I know, it seems, like it's the latest trend,
And you say, everything, is falling apart now,
I know it seems, like there's no way out,
Hold on, please hold on

It's ok to cry (It's ok to cry)
This is all part of life (This is all part of life)
Look up to the sky, the clouds are still there,
And they're beautiful, like you're beautiful

Mom and Dad, are at it again,
They put you down, say you're stuck up with trends
But I know, that you believe, in everything, that you've been made for,
"You're not smart you won't make it,
All your dreams are just inventions in your head,"
They're just lying to you, voices in your head,
That don't mean a thing,

Every day, that goes by (Ever day that goes by)
In this hell, of your life (In this hell, of your life)
And you long, to believe, in simple things again,
And you long, to breathe, the air of home again,
And these dark, shades, of grey,
Turn around, and around and around in your head,

I wanna get you out of here,
Go some place and live again,
I wanna get you out of this town,
I don't want you to feel, so down